The Arctic Circle

I will participate in «The Arctic Circle 2019», art and science expedition September 2019. 

» The Arctic Circle is a nexus where art intersects science, architecture, education, and activism – an incubator for thought and experimentation for artists and innovators who seek out and foster areas of collaboration to engage in the central issues of our time.»


Returning to the land of melting ice…

Sad Truth

Looking forward to this project.

On May 20th the project “Sad Truth” gets underway, where six artists are gathered for a week on the small island of Fleinvær, outside Bodø. There they will collect sounds, pictures, and films, and collaborate on digital artworks.

“Human beings are perhaps the first beings on Earth who can and must make a choice about whether to live in equilibrium with nature as a whole, or take care of its diversity. Why then do we choose not to do that which is obviously correct and important? We are the first generation to have both the knowledge and tools to take action – if we had the will. So, when the words that form the social debate are drained of their power, perhaps a space opens up for art and music to meaningfully contribute.”

Works by Gyrid Kaldestad, Tine Surel Lange, Håvard Lund, Leif Haglund, Espen Tversland & David Rothenberg




Mesophase video touring the world

Thanks to brillant abstract video festival and following tour my video is part of a great a collective touring the world.


February 15, 2019 | 19:00h
The Best of Punto y Raya 2018
The Loft · USA

Punto y Raya arrives for the first time in San Diego thanks to the kind invitation of Amy Alexander and Albert Agbayani with the UC San Diego. The screening will take place at The Loft, a wonderful venue devoted to create innovative artistic experiences, and will be introduced by festival co-director Noel Palazzo. The screening is with free admission and open to general audiences.
With the support of the iotaCenter.

Other venues Echo Park Filmsenter, the Explorium and more to come

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